MIT 6.00.1x 计算机科学和Python编程导论 Set 3

Radiation Exposure

感谢 glhezjnucn 同学贡献的翻译!
“Radioactive decay” is the process by which an unstable atom loses energy and emits ionizing particles - what is commonly refered to as radiation. Exposure to radiation can be dangerous and is very important to measure to ensure that one is not exposed to too terribly much of it.辐射衰变是不稳定原子失去能量并释放电离子的过程-这通常被称为辐射。接触辐射(暴露于辐射)可能是危险的,同时检测并确保人们不暴露于过量辐射(的环境)中变得重要。

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